Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am not the best person in the world at remembering dates, sending out cards, or keeping up my blog. This has been a busy end of the school year. Kayla graduated kindergarten, and had her first big dance recital with Erin's daughter Keiya. Both girls had someone standing directly in front of them for both shows. I did get a video of Kayla preforming at dress rehearsal. She is the one on the far right in the back. Needless to say, Erin and I are looking for a different studio for them to take dance. Kayla was very cute at graduation she learned a bunch of songs to spell all of her site words, and sang her heart out at graduation. My baby is all grown up. Our little Natertot turned the big One Years Old! He loved all the gifts and all the endless attention. He is my "Bottomless Pit!" I have never had a kid that could eat like him. Anything that resembles food he will eat. He can talk too! he will say, ball, Dada, Mama, Baba, and wee wee for his car sound effects. What ever happened to vroom vroom? Tori has been learning how to put sentences together, but they do not make sense. She wanted to eat Taco Bell after the water park so she said I quote,"Taco Bell in the pool!" E for Effort! This is coming from the kid that did not talk till she was six. Cole is doing summer school and it is keeping us afloat till I go back to work in August. I will finally be getting paid in the summers starting next summer, this means they will take more out of my check so I get paid in the summer. The joy of working in education. We get the full summer off, but we are to broke to do anything. I will be working at the college two nights a week to help pay for daycare, but this is a great job opportunity and can open many doors for me. Cole has one more week and will have some trainings and finally get a summer break. I know he will get plenty of x-box time in with his extended family when his break comes. Men and there video games! I have had dreams of running over the system with my car several times! Love him hate the x-box. I will try to post again, just like I will try to remember the next persons birthday, or an important date.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Cole and I went to a 70's Party

Nathan's first Easter!

We got to ride inside the trolley on the train at Disneyland! I interpreted at the train ride and the conductor offered my family a private trip around the Park In Walt Disney's Trolley!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cole is feeling better!!!!!! Not only does his arm feel better, but his mood has greatly improved. It is so nice to have a happy hubby again. A home is not a home without drama. I think if Cole and I have been able to get through what we have over the last ten years we can get through anything. Two brain surgeries, a child diagnosed with autism, 6 years of college for him, and three years of college for me, two more children, a motor cycle accident with 2 surgeries, and debt up to our eyeballs we are still together. We have more drama to come. Cole is talking about going back to school to be a principal, and I have to pass all my test to to my interpreting licence to secure my job. One day we will be out of debt and done with college. I guess that is why they call it retirement.

Saturday, January 3, 2009